Hey there! My name is Alan Zamora & i'm a 20 year old Graphic Designer & Photographer from the Bay Area. My journey into the world of design started at an early age of 14 picking up the Adobe Suite at such a young age. Eventually learning that I would want to make a hobby into a career, I pushed myself to learn about the industry & take Graphic Design related courses at my local Community College while being in High school. Understanding that knowledge is key i started putting countless hours throughout the years developing a love for knowledge & the possibilities of design. I've tried everything from animation to 3D modeling & decided  to focus my time in Branding. During the past few years I've had many opportunities to work for great businesses . Working for schools to independent businesses & clubs. Currently i'm a student still learning about all the great things & possibilities about Graphic Design.
SOFTWARE / ADOBE Creative Suit
 EQUIPMENT / Canon T5/ Nikon D3300
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